We work with a small family-owned factory located in northern Italy. Our factory is a second-generation family workshop with years of expertise in handcrafted luxury leather goods. The factory hires artisans locally and have a dedicated team of highly skilled craftsmen and women.

We are very proud to work with an innovative and progressive factory who have helped us in pioneering a new breed of luxury goods through apple leather.


A profound artisan tradition combined with meticulous attention to detail forms the DNA of our factory. All our bags are handcrafted and require many different hands to bring to life. Each process is integral to the final construction from pattern cutting, sewing, edge painting, assembly, and packaging.


We acknowledge that traditional craftsmanship and local artisanal methods are overlooked in a world with mass production and fast fashion. That’s why we work with a small factory that celebrates traditional leather craftsmanship. In doing so, we can offer longevity and high-quality goods to our clients. We produce in limited quantities to reduce any excess stock ensuring that with every piece made, our artisan’s work is treasured and valued forever.