Product After Care


Do not scratch or rub the product on abrasive surfaces. Any cleaning should be carried out with care using a dry cloth for fabric and soft, damp cloth for coated fabrics. Do not use solvents. When using care products, always follow the instructions and test on an inconspicuous area first. Clean the trims with a soft, dry cloth.

If the bag gets wet, pat dry with a clean, light-colored absorbent cloth. Wait overnight before storing it. Allow to dry naturally away from direct heat – do not dry near a heat source.


As a general rule that applies to all types of fabrics, including apple leather, avoid exposure to intense light and heat. Keep away from flames. Avoid contact with water/liquids and humidity. Avoid wearing with contrasting colors to prevent color transfer. Avoid contact with fragrance/make-up/hand creams and abrasive surfaces.

As with any luxury bag, wear and tear will develop overtime with repeated use. We recommend rotating bag usage to prolong the life span and minimize inevitable wear and tear.


Store the bag in the dust bag and original box provided. Stuff lightly with tissue to retain the shape and store in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight.