Realised between New York City and Melbourne, Otto Razz is a brand on a mission to challenge the status quo. Established in 2019, Otto Razz was born with the purpose of creating something remarkable, working with the most innovative minds of the fashion and luxury goods markets globally.

We define ourselves through the use of revolutionary materials that harvest a sustainable, ethical and cruelty-free brand. We are dedicated to pioneering a modern identity for luxury goods through the reinvention of traditional fabric sourcing.   


Otto Razz creations are handcrafted in Italy with the finest quality fabrics and materials by our skilled artisans. All goods feature a unique smooth apple leather fabric, produced from organic industrial apple waste. Our designs have transformed the way we use our resources to create an intelligently sustainable product. A product that belongs to the future. 

We pay significant attention to the design details and elegant silhouettes of our products to ensure we remain a specialist in luxury goods. 


Otto Razz is a female-founded and led company. Established in 2019 by Hannah Reinehr, the mission for Otto Razz was simple, to honour traditional leather craftsmanship with thoughtful resources and innovative fabrics.

Having worked in New York for some of the world’s leading luxury fashion brands and studying at Parsons School of Design, Hannah has brought her experience and know how to Otto Razz. 

After two years in the making, and collaborating with a team of experts worldwide, Otto Razz has created one of the worlds first bags made from apple leather. Each collection is designed to empower and promote conscious choice in luxury.



    Apple leather begins as a raw material deriving from organic apple waste and is farmed and transformed into a durable vegan leather in northern Italy.


    Otto Razz’s artisans are the leading characters in our brand story, with heritage, craftsmanship and innovation at the heart of our factory in Italy.