Apple Leather

All Otto Razz bags feature an innovative and intelligent material made from organic apple waste.


Our partners have spent many years researching solutions for sustainable, eco-friendly and cruelty free leather options. The result is an innovative and bio-engineered leather from organic industrial apple waste.

This revolutionary apple leather is farmed from apples and transformed into a durable apple leather fabric in northern Italy.

Our supply and production chains are entirely contained to one country to reduce our environmental impact and retain superior product quality. 

Upcycled & Sustainable

Apple leather begins as a raw material deriving from organic apple waste. Food waste is generally put in landfill or burnt to ashes. 

The organic apple waste such as pulp and other remnants are dried and ground into a powder form. The waste is laid out and sealed with a resin, transforming into a durable vegan leather.

By using apple waste in our leather, we are ensuring that this waste remains in the production cycle as a valuable resource while dramatically reducing our environmental pollution.

Our World

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    Realised between New York City and Melbourne, Otto Razz is a brand on a mission to challenge the status quo.

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    Otto Razz’s artisans are the leading characters in our brand story, with heritage, craftsmanship and innovation at the heart of our factory in Italy.