Otto Razz was born from the determination to challenge the status quo in the luxury goods industry. The brand was built with a goal of pioneering a modern identity for luxury goods - a revolution that was due many years ago.
After deeply exploring the insatiable appetite of consumers, it was astonishing to see how out of touch we are with our purchasing decisions and their harrowing impact on the environment. The decision to create a high-end brand that addressed this was essential.
Aside from being crafted by highly skilled artisans, we've created the real luxury from thoughtful design and reinvention of traditional fabric sourcing.  Otto Razz bags incorporate a zero-waste fabric called apple leather. By using apple waste in our leather, we are ensuring that this waste remains in the production cycle as a valuable resource while reducing our environmental pollution. 
Otto Razz handbags are a new breed of luxury, crafting high quality and well designed bags from intelligently sustainable products.
We would like to welcome you to Otto Razz.