The Lexington

A sustainable classic

Made From Apples

Innovative and up-cycled solution

The Original

The first Otto Razz handbag ever made. Since its release, various colorways have followed.

Timeless Design

A symbol of elegance

Compact Size

Intentional roomy interior

Handcrafted in Italy

Every bag is meticulously and ethically crafted in our trusted Italian atelier. Apple waste farmed from local Italian apple orchards, make up our apple leather and the foundational fabric in all our bags. While the expertise of many artisans and the assembly of 30 individual pieces make up the Lexington bag.

Our Atelier

Otto Razz’s artisans are the leading characters in our brand story. With heritage, craftsmanship and innovation at the heart of our factory in Italy, Otto Razz’s artisans have years of experience in luxury goods.

Luxury Packaging

Adding a touch of elegance and luxury, your bag will come in our signature textured Otto Razz dust box and packaging. A personalized handwritten message adds the finishing touch.

Made From Apples

Our bags are handcrafted in Italy featuring an innovative leather made from organic apple waste. This results in a completely vegan and zero waste production cycle, repurposing waste as a valuable component and reducing our environmental pollution.

This is a new breed of luxury, crafting quality bags from intelligently sustainable resources.

Stronger Together

Realized between New York City and Melbourne, Otto Razz is driven by a mission to foster positive change for both humanity and the planet by minimizing our environmental footprint in an ethical and ecological way.

Our ethos is to take care of the earth as it takes care of us. We don’t believe in compromising our planet for the sake of fashion. In doing so, we have built a global network of consumers who share our joint mission of creating a better world, one apple at a time.